Fluff & Familia is a family company founded by the principle that parents deserve equality without prejudice. In today’s society, each and every parent is capable of providing the best care for his/her family. The focus is less on the individual and more on what matters most: “Familia.”


How did we find the name for our business?

“We were trying to find a name that would encompass what we loved while focusing on family as a unit. We felt that too many retailers were marketing to parents by putting focus on the parent or caregivers’ individual role(s) of bringing up the child(ren). We strongly believe on focusing on what is important; family as one making us whole. That’s what we strive to support each and every day.

Being obsessed with ‘fluff’ (a.k.a. cloth diapers), we thought it was a little cliché and limited to just use ‘fluff.’ We wanted something to honor and represent family in the essence of being undefined: equality. That’s how we landed on Fluff & Familia. The “Fluff” in our name isn’t just about cloth diapers (although we do love, sell and obsess over them). It’s meant to be more symbolic of being surrounded with softness and experiencing that warm fuzzy feeling you get encompassed in the love of your family.”

-David & Brandi Garcia