See you at MommyCon & DaddyCon!


What is it?

If you’ve never been to MommyCon, you’re missing out on a very unique opportunity to get out, meet new people, rally with old friends, meet retailers and baby industry stars in person, see new and existing products in person, talk to experts, and learn from those who’ve been there in lots of different seminars about topics like picky eaters, potty training, loss, struggling with infertility, birthing, breastfeeding, babywearing, and even intimacy in your marriage after baby!  And this year, MommyCon has expanded to add NEW sessions and exhibits just for Dads through DaddyCon!

How is Fluff & Familia involved this year?

Last year, we sponsored the WEAR Conference Babywearing Awards Luncheon. This year, Fluff & Familia’s co-owners Brandi and David will both be speakers at MommyCon in addition to having a booth in the exhibitor hall! Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page that weekend as well, as we will go live from Facebook from our booth and may have a special guest or two! Here is the information on the sessions we are hosting and sponsoring:

Saturday March 3rd from 1:00 PM-2:00 PM MommyCon Room 3

Braving Infertility & Loss Together

Speaker: Brandi Garcia, Kristen Biehl, and Sarah Ivy

Join Brandi Garcia and Kristen Biehl from family boutique Fluff & Familia and Sarah Ivy from Braving Infertility Together as they discuss the stigma and isolation surrounding infertility and loss. Learn how infertility and loss can affect a family, tips on how to navigate infertility and loss, and how to provide empowering support for those on their journey so that no one has to brave it alone.

Saturday March 3rd from 10:00AM-11:00AM DaddyCon

She Said She Wants a Home Birth… Three Dads Discuss Birth Choices

Speakers: David Garcia, Manuel GonzalezMaurice Vernon and Mat York

When it comes to discussing birth choices and making birth plans, dads can feel a little out of the loop! In this panel, experienced fathers will discuss birth choices from home birth to planned c-section and everything in between! They will also discuss ways to support your partner, no matter your birth plan or situation.

Are they separate things?

Both events take place in the same convention center alongside one another,  and any of the ticket options will grant you entrance into BOTH MommyCon and DaddyCon sessions.


What kind of sessions are at DaddyCon, then?

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_35939332_227735169735_1_original

“Dancing for the 21st Century Dad”, “She Said She Wants A Homebirth…”, “Babywearing Basics”, and “Becoming #SuperDad” are just a few of the sessions available at DaddyCon this year. Also, dads are welcome in ANY of the MommyCon sessions, too!

What’s new this year?


This year, they have 3 designated hour-long blocks throughout the day where NO sessions are happening. This allows participants a chance to get to the bathroom, pump, feed baby, feed themselves, and shop in the HUMONGOUS Exhibitor Hall (where you can come and visit us! Fluff & Familia will be in the Exhibitor Hall all three days! <3)

(If you’ve never been before, we suggest you read this.)

How do I get a ticket?

You use our discount code for 10% off your admission: fluffandfamilia10 here on the MommyCon website.

Here is a list of all the sessions available for the event. (Please note, this is subject to change (and often does).) To find a full description of each available session, click here.


It’s a full day of learning, exploring, and best of all, SHOPPING! Wahoo!! So grab your ticket, and we’ll see you in Chicago Friday through Sunday, March 2nd-4th!

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