Fallin’ for Lalabye Baby

If you cloth diaper and haven’t tried a Lalabye Baby cloth diaper yet, you’re totally missing out. We’ve been waiting patiently to carry one of our favorite brands, and we are now proud to offer you Lalabye Baby cloth diapers and accessories!


We’ve been using Lalabye Baby cloth diapers for years, and to say we’re a tad obsessed is a bit of an understatement.


Their vibrant solids make the Lalabye rainbow shine bright, and their exclusive limited edition prints are unlike any others.


This brand of diapers is often touted as “Daddy’s favorite” thanks to the super caregiver-friendly color-coded belly band. So, no matter who is caring for baby (mom, dad, grandma, babysitter, daycare provider), everybody knows which settings will give baby the best fit!



What makes Lalabye Baby cloth diapers different from other brands?

Lalabye Baby:

  • has a rainbow belly band so that caregivers can easily know and share with others which setting baby is on

OS Diagram

  • has cross over snaps, which means they can fit babies as small as 8 pounds neatly and comfortably
  • can be used as an all-in-two (snap inserts on top of the stay-dry microsuede layer) OR as a pocket diaper (inserts stuffed inside the shell)
  • has a wide pocket opening at the front and the back of the diaper for easy stuffing
  • every one-size shell comes with two super absorbent, 4-layer bamboo inserts
  • one-size diapers fit easily from 8-35 lbs

OS Sizing

  • are made of soft, stretchy TPU in vibrant colors and amazing prints
  • newborn size diapers are super adjustable with aplix closures and fit from 5-12 lbs with the same great option of being able to be used as a pocket or an All-in-Two

newborns (3)

  • one-size covers have great stretch and lots of room to cover almost any nighttime solution you can throw at it

Covers IG (2)

  • make awesome flat bottom wet bags in two different sizes and pail liners in their gorgeous, vibrant solids

Pail Liner (3)


We will be stocking the two newest Lalabye Baby releases today at 1 PM CST (2 PM EST/11 AM PST). You aren’t going to want to miss these two!


We hope you’ll give Lalabye Baby a try by ordering today! Remember, we ship all orders free, with no minimums ever!

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