You Don’t Have to Be Crunchy To Shop Here

Fluff & Familia is passionate about being a retailer that caters to all flavors of parenting. While the majority of our stock IS on the crunchy side, we’re a retailer for everyone! Even if you don’t embrace the same parenting style as us, we’ve got something for you. Heck, even if you don’t have kids of your own, we have something for you!

Top 5 Items To Try (No Crunch Required)

M&DMelissa & Doug Toys

I can tell you that ANY parent anywhere appreciates QUIET toys- toys that provoke imaginative play and learning instead of “entertaining” the child with lights and sounds. Children loooooove repetition, and if there’s anything parents despise more, it’s listening to the same children’s toy over and over and over and over again. Melissa and Doug provide a wide array of colorful, well made toys, puzzles, and games that encourage creative play and learning through play, which not only is quieter, but it keeps kids entertained longer! So, be Aunt or Uncle of the Year and get your niece/nephew a super fun, high quality, beautifully made toy or puzzle from Melissa and Doug. (The ice cream set is one of our favorites!) The kids will thank you, and most of all, so will the parents!

RLRCadie RLR (Laundry Treatment)

I’m not a huge fan of bleach because it is a very caustic chemical and wears out clothing fast. That’s where RLR comes in to save the day (and my husband’s white undershirts)! RLR Laundry Treatment is a bleach free, non-blueing, laundry additive that removes built up mineral deposits and detergent residue from clothing, leaving them whiter, colors brighter, and cleaner! Use once a month or as needed to prolong the life of your clothing and keep them looking fresh and new!

alexandjadeAlex & Jade Adult & Children’s PJ’s

Whoever made leggings popular again needs a big personal thank you from me because I simply don’t want to wear anything else anymore. Leggings ARE pants! These super buttery soft pants make the perfect gift for a friend who loves to be comfortable and cute. Send a pair to your friend who just had a baby, a friend who’s sick and laying around in pjs all day, someone who loves comfy yet stylish clothing, or to a mom and daughter or father and son, as these come in both adult and children’s sizes. There’s even a option to customize the children’s sizes for extra room in the tush if the child is cloth diapered and has a bit of an extra fluffy booty! They are a Fluff and Familia exclusive, and they come in several cute patterns!

smartbottomsSmart Bottoms Snuggle Blanket 

Summer is coming, and you know what that means: warm summer nights for parades, fireworks, camping, trips to the beach, picnics, and so forth! This snuggle blanket is the perfect size for taking along with you on your summer adventures.

It gets softer with washing and is stain and fade resistant! The cozy quilted blend of fabric is available in many fun and cute Smart Bottoms prints- perfect for summery outdoor photos too!

Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags

We all know plastic is bad for the environment, but plastic baggies are just so darn handy for toting snacks around! Thankfully, Itzy Ritzy has solved that problem for us: reusable snack bags. The bags zip closed, are water resistant, and made with cotton exteriors in fun prints. They’re also machine washable, so when they get dirty, you just wash and reuse! The bags are about 7″ by 7″ and can hold a myriad of your lunch or snack favorites as well as other items that you want to keep safe such as cameras, iPods, your cell phone, toiletries, or you could even make a mini first aid kit or car trip entertainment bag. They also are great for organizing your purse or backpack!

We hope you’ll take a look around our store and see what else we have for you! We’re always adding new brands and great products that we stand behind from our Familia to yours!



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