Why WEAR Matters to Our Familia

Babywearing is such a life saver for any parent. It allows you to keep baby close and get things done by freeing your hands for helping other children or attending to chores. What parent doesn’t appreciate that?

emily-goldhammer-1Photo provided by Emily Goldhammer Photography

One of the misconceptions of babywearing is that moms are often the only ones who wear. Not only is this not true, but the benefits of babywearing with dad are just as great as with mom. And in this house, dad wears baby just as much as I do! We get yard work, housework, and errands done much faster as a family when we’re wearing the kids!


Plus, let’s be honest here: dads who babywear are sexy.


Studies have shown that women prefer men who care for babies. There’s just something about seeing our big, strong husbands gently holding and caring for our sweet babies, whether they’re newborns or even toddlers, that makes our hearts go pitter patter.

Not to mention, a lot of moms consider “acts of service” one of their love languages, so when Dads step up to the plate and free up our hands to take care of other chores or simply have some time to relax, we definitely appreciate it!


Aside from the convenience factor and being ogled at by your spouse for rocking that floral Tula, babywearing is a tool dads (and moms) should use to help keep baby safe and protected. From germ-ridden strangers during cold and flu season to rough-housing older siblings, babywearing helps parents keep baby healthy and away from danger. Plus, when baby is older, it keeps toddlers out of trouble!

So, dads: please, wear your baby!

If your parenting partner needs a carrier, we carry several brands and different carrier style options at Fluff & Familia including Onya, Kinderpack, Tula, Moby, and Olives & Applesauce.  We know that dads appreciate a good carrier just as much as we do!

This dad rocks this Tula no problem!

We feel that babywearing dads are some of the unsung heroes of the natural parenting world, which is why we wanted to contribute in a big way this year for the WEAR conference happening with MommyCon this year.

Fluff & Familia is sponsoring the luncheon for the WEAR Awards’ nominees and attendees this year. We hope to see some awesome babywearing dads at the luncheon, too! If you see us, come say hi and let us know you’re a babywearing dad, too!


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