A Green & Clean Christmas

As Naturally, Green & Clean‘s newest retailer, Fluff & Familia is proud to offer our customers Amber’s famous wipe bits solution cubes in amazingly delicious scents, as well as other skin care products that we know you’ll love.
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Let’s welcome Amber to the familia and get to know a little bit about her!
Tell us a little about yourself.
We have three children: Preston – 12, Mackenzie – 5, and Mason- 2. My husband is in the Army and currently deployed. We are getting close to the end of the deployment, a few months left so looking forward to homecoming! This is our 3rd deployment.
Before I started this business, I worked as a technical support agent with a couple internet service providers. I enjoyed the technical work and was good at it, so I went to college and got my Bachelor’s in Business Information Systems. During that degree, I had my daughter and chronic pain began, which changed my life. I was not able to go back to work as we had planned once the kids got bigger, and my life became planned around the pain. For the last 5 years, I have fought for answers and relief and still nothing. It is a big part of my life. I have tried so many medications, with many side effects, even getting a spine stimulator implanted in attempts of pain relief. I am starting a new medication, Humira, as my rheumatologist thinks I have psoriatic arthritis.
What is your business and how did you get started?
I am the owner of Naturally, Green & Clean. I make natural bath, body, and laundry products. I started as Great Balls of Fiber, focusing only on dryer balls. I started right after I had my 2nd child. I was cloth diapering for the first time and started shopping for wool dryer balls. I was shocked at how much some places charged for them, so I wanted to start a business making them affordable.

A business born of necessity: I love it! It sounds like a lot of hard work, though. What keeps you driven to do what you do for your business?

Every time someone tells me that my products helped relieve their or their child’s discomfort when other things have not helped [makes all the hard work worth it]. If I can help a single child with a healing salve, then it is worth every minute!
What is your favorite of your products?

Definitely the healing salve stick. It comes with arnica, chamomile, & calendula infused olive oil and raw beeswax and shea as the main ingredients. I have used it on my children for years and have seen it work time and time again.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your work?

I am most proud of the time I have invested into researching and putting together my recipes. The recipes that I use are mine that I created, and that was important to me. I wanted to make sure I understood why I was putting an ingredient in my products instead of blindly following a recipe. I am still constantly learning and plan to go back to school in the future to learn more in the apothecary field.

Let’s learn a bit more about you! What traditions do you/your family have around the holidays?

I didn’t grow up with many traditions. We opened a gift on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas Day at my grandma’s house. It was important to my husband and I to create more traditions for our children, so we get a potted tree or live tree each year. We love the live smell, and [we believe that] taking care of something live helps build responsibility.


I also write a note inside 24 books to my children about my hopes and love for them. I wrap those books, and they get to unwrap one book a day in December. They love this, and we read the books as a family afterwards. The last book is always The Night Before Christmas. We also go see lights on Christmas Eve.


They are new books each year. I write the message on wrapping paper that I used that year and then cover it in tape so it is more secure. They absolutely love it. Then when we read the books through the year it always makes us smile seeing the message I wrote to them.


I love that book idea! That sounds like a true labor of love, but how incredible that someday your children will not only have fond memories of reading these stories with you, they’ll have books full of their mother’s loving words for them as well! So, what is your favorite tradition or what makes your holiday special to you?

Seeing the lights every Christmas Eve is my favorite tradition. It started when my husband and I started dating. I invited him to come look at lights with me, and it was amazing. When he is deployed, we take pictures of our favorite houses so that he can enjoy them too. There is one house in our hometown that goes all out; [they] even give out a paper [that says] how many bulbs, man hours, watts, etc., so we grab that for him too.
That’s awesome. Tell your husband we say thank you for his service! And thank you for your service as well as a military wife! So, have you done things differently than how you celebrated holidays as a child?
This life is very hard on the little ones. My daughter has 2 Christmas wishes: all the troll toys and daddy to come home. She cries for him every single day he is gone, and it is heartbreaking. He is getting each child a special gift just from him this year to help them feel close to him. We continue opening a small gift on Christmas Eve, but we don’t usually get to spend Christmas at my grandma’s house. We try to spend it with family when we can, but it isn’t always possible.

Finally, what does familia mean to you?
For me, it is this amazing community that has come together with these 2 businesses. These women are so much more than customers. It is amazing to see their families, their children grow, and come together in hard times. I have seen numerous times [customers] who do not even know each other, help each other. It is amazing to see. This is familia.

Welcome to the Familia, Amber!

We are so happy you’re here!

Interested in Amber’s products? You can check out Naturally, Green & Clean products here


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