Black Friday Sales & What They Mean To Me

Ok…so if you didn’t see the newsletter that went out earlier this morning, here are the sales we have been busting butt on. While we’re thrilled to be able to offer so much, the picture of our oldest daughter working with me in the office was something I gazed at yesterday evening. This week was long & exhausting. The weekend proved to be no different. 

Some of you may not realize that while Fluff & Familia is a full-time gig for both David & I, it isn’t our only one. David & I both work in demanding professions outside of the home: 40 hours each & sometimes more. Our mornings & evenings outside of work are filled with lunch prep for us, dinner prep for the evening, cramming in time with our girls, getting them both bathed & clothed, getting them to school, finding time for each other, & getting lots of laundry knocked out (lots & lots of laundry….omg..I think I just had a laundry anxiety attack thinking about it).

Mornings consist of getting up before the sun even gets out of REM sleep, checking for orders, getting them packed, maybe eating, and feeding the youngest a bottle while the oldest usually fights getting dressed. Lunch hours at the office are spent either dropping off orders at the post office or working on the website, catching up on emails or contacting vendors (or, like this past week, dealing with USPS eating the label off a customer’s order, which is rare more than being struck by lightning).

Once the girls are down in bed at night, it’s pretty much the same (except for the post office part). Not to mention the 8 hours of work we put in at our other jobs. But, I know what we’re working towards: equality, more time with my girls, paying it forward. We are so blessed to be able to have an opportunity like this. I feel we’re showing our girls strength & that you are never given anything more than you can handle. Looking at that picture tonight, it makes me realize just how much more thankful I am to be exhausted (as crazy as that sounds). I wouldn’t trade the crazy times we’ve had with our girls for anything. 

While it may just seem like another retailer sale to some, it means much more to us than that. It’s an opportunity for us to pay it forward to those who helped us through tough times. It’s a chance to share our joy, pain, trials, & tribulations with others in the hopes it can provide them comfort. It’s a chance to provide us the ability to possibly keep me home in a few years with our girls. And, it’s a chance to extend our thanks to those who have given us a chance. Many years from now, when I look back on that picture, I hope my oldest will also look back at it & say “I am thankful for my parents. I can do anything because they taught me there are no limits to what you can achieve.”


From our Familia to yours, we are wishing everyone a very safe & Happy Thanksgiving!




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